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Mortgage Rates Continue to Rise…

We’re now seeing interest rates hit their 11-month high. Where will they go from here? Anybody’s guess. It’s a tough housing environment with all of the Sub-Prime mess, high level [...]
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Mixed Signals in Housing

New home construction numbers were released today by the Commerce Department. February housing starts improved over the steep decline in January. However, just like we’ve seen over the past few [...]
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Sub-Prime Mortgage Industry Implodes

Wow! The past two weeks in the mortgage industry have been wild. Sub-prime lenders are scared to death. Several more companies have gone out of business. All of the others [...]
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Interest Rates are Rising…

It’s amazing how fast interest rates are increasing. Less than two months ago, rates were one-quarter to one-half point (percentage point) lower than they are today. The yield on the [...]
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Researching a mortgage online

I read a statistic the other day that nearly 75% of consumers research products and services online before making a purchase. That started me thinking about researching mortgages online. It’s [...]
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Thoughts on the Mortgage Industry for 2007

Over the past two weeks mortgage rates have increased steadily. Is this a trend that will continue in 2007? It’s really anyone’s guess. Mortgage rates are tied closely to the [...]
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