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Keep an Eye on Your Credit

Your credit report serves as an account of your financial history. It offers potential lenders a glimpse of where you’ve been so they can estimate where you are going. Based [...]
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Emotions and Real Estate

It’s hard to remove your emotions from the equation when buying real estate. After all, a home is so much more than just a product. It is where your children [...]
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Deja Vu in 2008?

Is it deja vu or is 2008 shaping up to look extremely similar to 2001? If you’ll recall, in 2001, we’d just gone through the bursting of the Tech Bubble [...]
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News Release: Beating the Mortgage Squeeze

(Knoxville, TN) Unless you’ve been on a deserted island over the past month, you know the financial markets are experiencing mortgage chaos. Historically, Knoxville fares quite well during turbulent times [...]
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Managing Expectations Managing Expectation

Interest rates have increased over the past 6 months and this is catching many potential homebuyers by surprise. As interest rates increase, purchasing power decreases. Why are rates increasing? Well, [...]
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The Sub-Prime Mess Continues

All of the problems we’ve seen in subprime mortgages over the past 9 months are finally starting to show-up in the overall economy. Bear Stearns recently reported that two of [...]
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