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House Renting vs Owning

House Renting vs Owning Hi, I’m Matt Padgett with Keystone Mortgage. For all of you renters out there, it is a fabulous time to buy a house. It actually costs [...]
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The Importance of Items Needed

  Hi, I’m Matt Padgett with Keystone Mortgage. Today, I want to talk about something that I’ve talked about in the past, but it is so super important that I [...]
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Items Needed to Get a House! (Video)

Matt Padgett of keystone mortgage wants to help you get a house in the easiest way possible. Hi, I’m Matt Padgett with Keystone Mortgage. If you’re a current home buyer, [...]
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Don't Wait to Get Pre-Approved

Don’t Wait to Get Pre-Approved

Matt Padgett of Keystone Mortgage in Knoxville, Tennessee offers great advice and says to not wait to get pre-approved. It is an extremely hot market in Knoxville and around the Knoxville [...]
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What do I need to get preapproved?

In our last blog entry we explained the importance of starting the preapproval process three to six months before you plan on moving into your new home. Preapproval will provide [...]
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The Benefits of Refinancing

With the trend of record low mortgage rates lately, many more people are seriously considering refinancing their home. Refinancing is not for everyone, but there are big benefits for some [...]
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The Importance of Preapproval

In today’s housing market, a letter of preapproval from your mortgage loan officer is very important when shopping for your new home. Many sellers and seller’s agents will only take [...]
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