When should I start looking to get preapproved?

Preapproval When should I start looking to get preapprovedis a crucial step in securing a mortgage for your new home. But when is the best time for you to get preapproved? Immediately!

You should meet with a loan officer three to six months before you plan on moving. If you are looking to move quickly, talk to a loan officer as soon as you can.

We recommend sitting down with a loan officer and getting preapproved before you even begin looking at houses or meet with a realtor. If you come in before you start shopping we can take a look at your credit, establish a price range, and put together a plan for the home buying process. Preapproval will give you a clear picture on your current financial status and will allow you to understand the price range you can work with. This can save you a lot of heartbreak if, for example, you have been looking at $400,000 homes but are only approved for a $200,000 loan.

If you’ve had credit issues or bankruptcy in your past, it is especially important that you meet with a loan officer as soon as possible – you may be looking at more than a six month process. All loan programs require borrowers to be out of bankruptcy for a minimum number of years. If you have or have had credit issues, we can help design a plan to get you back on track.

What if you have already begun looking at houses? Is it too late for preapproval? Absolutely not, you can get preapproved at almost any point in the process. A letter of preapproval is necessary to secure a mortgage loan, so why not get one sooner than later?


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