What Should I Expect from an Inspection?

House inspection

Once you and your realtor have found the home you want to buy, it is important to get the home inspected by a certified inspector. The inspector will make you aware of any potential problems with the property and tell you if any repairs or replacements need to be made. You will want to set up an inspection time with your seller in advance, preferably without the seller present.

Home inspections are not just for older homes either. Even if you are purchasing a brand new home it is still important to have an inspector look at the property to ensure that any builder defects are addressed.

When discussing the inspection with the seller, make sure to stipulate who will cover the cost of the inspection as well as what action will be taken if there are any defects found on the property.

A professional inspection will generally take 2-4 hours and the inspector will at least look at:

  • Roof
  • Foundation
  • Quality of construction
  • Exterior and Interior quality
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Kitchen and bath fixtures
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing


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