Mortgage Tips

Mortgage Tips

We’re seeing a trend here lately due to Covid-19 of people moving out of multi-family housing, whether it be apartments, condos, houses, townhouses into single-family housing. So if you are a first time home buyer, a veteran, or someone looking to move out of multi-family into single-family, we have many loan options to help you do that. Please give us a call 865-909-0211.

More About Us

For those of you who are new to our company or our social media pages. I just wanted to kind of introduce who we are. We were started in 2006. I started the company in 2006 because I was looking for a mortgage and I noticed that the people that I was talking to, first of all did not give me the level of service that I expected and second of all they really didn’t give me the options that I needed during that time. So, I founded Keystone to really serve the people of Tennessee and to help them get the very best options and mortgage for their family. As you can see behind me our core values are super energy and happiness, to love people and treat them well, and constant growth and ownership and really that’s who we are. We really want to help people make their lives better. If we can help you in any way please give us a call, 865-909-0211.

First Time Home Buyers

Hi, Matt Padgett with Keystone Mortgage. This video is for all of you first time home buyers out there. We love to work with first time home buyers – we love the excitement. You have some options that are available to you that people who owned homes before and the last three years don’t have. That is you have a conventional 3% down loan or you only have to put down 3% of the purchase plus towards the loan. There are other options out there for you as far as FHA and USDA but this conventional 3% option is an option that you have that others don’t. The key to first time home buyers is call us early, let’s talk – let’s talk about your options, let’s talk about your finances, let’s get you in a position that you know exactly what you’re looking for. Give us a call, we’d love to help 865-909-0211.

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