How Do I Get Good Credit?

People often ask me “How do I get good credit?

“Whether I’ve had bad credit in the past or I’ve had no credit, what’s the best way to ensure in the future that I have a good credit score and a good credit history?”

Well, first of all you have to have good open accounts. Both revolving lines as well as installment lines and these have to have been in good standing which means you’re paying them every month. Once those accounts are open it’s going to take some time, maybe six months or more for those accounts to report in turn giving you good scores.


Here’s a pretty simple tip on how to keep good credit: You got to make your payments on time every month and you have to make sure that you do have accounts that are open. Again, revolving lines of credit as well as installment lines of credit.


If you have any questions on how to open up either one of those, give us a call 865.909.0211 and we’ll give you all the details on how to open those up.


Again, pay your bills on time and make sure you have good accounts open. Talk to you soon!


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