House Hunting Tip–Don’t Budge on Inspections

If an open house is the equivalent of a test drive when shopping for a home, then a home inspection is like taking a look under the hood.

Once you’ve found a home you’d like to purchase, you will need to sit down at the negotiating table. In your agreement with the sellers, one of the conditions should be a favorable report from a house inspector. To find a good inspector, ask for recommendations, then make sure the inspector is certified (the home-inspection industry is not licensed or regulated). Ask how many inspections they have performed and what kind of report is provided to you (you might confirm how long it will take to get the report). Also ask if you can be present during the inspection. If they say no, find someone else.

The inspector’s job is to check the property and tell you what defects need to be repaired or replaced. Based on this report, you might want to walk away from the property or negotiate with the seller for repairs or an allowance for repairs.  In most jurisdictions, sellers are required to make complete disclosure of defects in writing. Make sure you and your inspector have this disclosure.

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