Demystifying the Mortgage Process: Insights from Keystone Mortgage

Hi, Matt Padgett with Keystone Mortgage here. We know the mortgage process can be very confusing. We want to make that process very simple for you. What I want to do is explain what we are looking for when we’re doing a mortgage. Number one is your credit score. Your credit score has to be at a certain level, but I would encourage you to contact us first and let us look at that, and maybe help you improve that.
The second is income, do you have the income that it takes to support the payment for this mortgage? Number three is assets, those are down payments or the funds that you may have in 401ks or things like that that make your file look better.
Then fourth and final is the appraisal. We will do an appraisal for your property after we have the loan file in underwriting to make sure that that home is good for the value of that purchase. For more details, give us a call.

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