Choosing the Right Realtor: Insights from Matt Padgett of Keystone Mortgage

Hi, this is Matt Padgett with Keystone Mortgage. I’m here to answer a few questions that we’ve had from clients recently on our short video series. A question we often get is, ‘How do you pick a realtor? How do I know which realtor is right?’ Well, we work with a lot of great realtors in the area and I can tell you that the way to pick a realtor is much like you would pick a friend or a partner, or anybody you wanted to be around. Number one, you have to trust them. They have to have good communication, and you have to feel comfortable around them. You also have to know that they are professional enough and have the experience to fill the needs that you have. It’s pretty simple, pretty basic. We all have relationships with people out there, whether it’s a friend or a partner or whatever. It’s the same criteria: Do I trust them? Do they communicate well? And do they have the experience that I’m going to need in order to have an exchange of value? We can definitely help you with this. Give us a call at (865)-909-0211.

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